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Recommended Links

The following are links related to Adult Children of Alcoholics, CoDependency, and other sites of interest to those growing up in families with emotional/verbal abuse, alcoholism, or other addiction/dysfunctions.
Recommended Links 
Another Empty Bottle   An excellent resource site for family, friends and alcoholics. 
Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization   A Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of women and men who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes. 
Adult Children of Alcoholics - Alcoholism at   Article and resource links for Adult Children of Alcoholics at 
Adult Children Anonymous   A 12-Step program, modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous. ACA is a spiritual program, designed to help adults raised in families where either substance addiction, mental illness or "generalized" dysfunction was present.
Al-Anon/Alateen  AL-ANON (and ALATEEN for younger members) is a worldwide organization that offers a self-help recovery program for families and friends of alcoholics whether or not the alcoholic seeks help or even recognizes the existence of a drinking problem. 
Co-Dependents Anonymous Home Page   Co-Dependents Anonymous is a program of recovery based on working the Twelve Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous. Working the steps helps a person to realize that many of his/her problems have a solution. The Promise of the program is that when a member is diligent in working the Steps, he/she will achieve recovery over personal problems of codependence.
Dr. Irene's Verbal Abuse Site   For verbal abusers and their codependents. 
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